How I made R2D2 from junk, Part 6.

Okay, time to slap some paint on this thing.


Getting the painting process started wasn't difficult, and involved slapping a couple of coats of primer onto R2D2's body, then a few coats of appliance white high-gloss paint.

My strategy -- as is often the case -- is to try to achieve something kind of "showroom new", but if it fails, I have the backup plan of slathering it with weathering. So, Plan A for R2D2 is a brand spanking new droid, and Plan B is something along the lines of R2D2 after being rescued from the swamps of Dagobah.

It was easiest to paint the body upside-down, as the top (where the dome will attach) obviously does not need to be painted.

Next up, some masking, and some blue paint on the legs. The pistons on the outside of the legs will eventually be brush-painted silver, and some other details will be tidied up.

You can see some of the details on R2's legs, with some silver paint on the shoulder hub and some copper paint for the battery cables.

Still some more details to go. Next time? Those. Yeah.