How I made R2D2 from junk, Part 6.

So, continuing on with details on the body.

After much masking and swearing and touching-up and regret over choice of parts, I managed to get the majority of the details on the front of the droid completed. I made some executive decisions about which areas would get detail and which would not. In particular, I kind of regret deciding not to further detail the lower-left silver panel, which on the prototype droid has a bunch of air gaps. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

The leg now has some chrome (silver, really) detail on the piston and the hub (which is made from a slice of a wall plug) and some silver and blue details on the foot...rod...thing. I ended up using blue acrylic for the band around the rod, as the metallic blue I've used on the rest of the droid doesn't decant from the aerosol can particularly well.

Next time: Lets put a dome on! This thing's almost complete.