How I made R2D2 from junk, Part 7.

And now, some dome details.

Dome details.

Did I mention dome details?

So, from left to right, we have:

  • R2D2's dome masked up, with an application of metallic blue paint for his blue panels. I used metallic blue vehicle touch up paint (I believe it's a Subaru shade of blue), because I find the touch-up cans are the best way of getting some unique colours in spray cans. If you're feeling incredibly eager, you can even have the cans made up to your colour specifications. I find for these builds, though, it's just as easy to choose a colour from the existing range. A lesson I learned from this: It works out better if you base coat with metallic blue, then mask and top coat with the silver/chrome for the rest of the dome. My colleague took the alternative approach, and ended up with a far superior finish.
  • Three shots of the finished blue panelling.
  • Using a hideous old can of red spraypaint for the tiny red circle below the main eye. I discovered that using a regular hole punch on some masking tape provided exactly the right size of hole to spraypaint the red light. I undercoated it with white first, as the red area would otherwise have been on top of the dark blue paint and may not have been as bright as I would have hoped.
  • Dome details: The main eye on the left, still to have the lens drilled out, and the three projectors now hit with chrome paint.
  • Finally: All the parts of the droid.

Next up: Assembly and completion!