Other projects Here are a few other projects I'm involved in, have been involved in, have a vested interest in, or just generally think you should check out for the good of self and country.

Ridge Lightning Lightning Photography

From 2004-2009, I was active as a storm chaser and lightning photographer in and around Lightning Ridge, in north-western New South Wales. This is the website for that little project, and has a full gallery of all of the pictures I took with Shaun Galman, and a history of the physical gallery we opened in Opal Street, Lightning Ridge, in 2009.

Australian Opal Centre

This is an enormous project to establish a world-class museum and heritage centre on the Lightning Ridge opal fields. This isn't my project, per-se, but it's one that I'm very happy to support the crap out of. You should go donate money to them. All of your money. Now.

Chris Grapes

This is the website of Chris Grapes, author and all-round awesome person. Chris is the author of the short story collection, The End, and several upcoming works. He's also somewhat responsible for most of what's landed on this website, in one way or another.

There shall be more to come. I have foreseen it.