Fossils & False Fossils - Specimen Identification at Lightning Ridge

It's not easy separating fossils from everything else that comes out of the ground -- especially when some of it plays tricks on you!

In this video, Dr. Elizabeth Smith of the Australian Opal Centre in Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia, demonstrates some of the imposters, illusions and complications in the process of identifying fossil material found on the opal fields.

Three pieces of music

It's been a while since I've posted any music, so, uh, let's do a whole bunch at once. Here're three bits of noise, Montauk, Hardtack Teak and Sally-Anne Test. None of them are overwhelmingly remarkable, but I'll leave it to you to be the judge. If you like them, leave a comment, or something. If you don't like them, I guess you can leave a comment, too. I'll probably ignore it, though.


New project: I Don't Understand on YouTube

Hello hello. I've just started a new project -- an educational channel on YouTube.

The first episode of I Don't Understand is now up, featuring an interview with Dr. Elizabeth Smith at the Australian Opal Centre in Lightning Ridge, NSW, Australia. Dr. Smith explains how crayfish (yabbies) use secret stores of calcium that they keep inside their heads to allow them to generate new exoskeletons as they grow.

You can find I Don't Understand in various places, including YouTubeTwitter and Facebook.