Exotic beverage review: Live Wire

Blurry-ass camera phone photo. This review is a bit awkward. Actually, it's a lot awkward. I've dug up the text of the review from a file on my hard drive. Unfortunately, I can't find any pictures to go with it apart from the crappy camera phone paparazzi shot you see to the right. I'm sorry. On the up side, it's a clone of Red Bull, so the review was bound to be boring anyway.

It's stock-standard energy drink yellow. Perhaps a little more saturated. It's remarkably carbonated, though. Most energy drinks don't retain their carbonation very long, once the can is opened.

It smells pretty much exactly like Red Bull, and it tastes like a super-tart version of Red Bull. It's Red Bull with the flavour of (more) noxious chemicals. It's quite potent, but not entirely unpleasant.

It's quite fragrant, but leaves your mouth feeling exceptionally oily. It's not exactly nice.

Overall, it's an incredibly overpowering version of Red Bull. All things considered, it's not bad. It certainly tastes as though it's giving you energy. If any energy drink is going to give you uncontrollable tremors and destroy your internal organs, it'll probably be this one.