Nonlocality CoverSome more original music, such as it is. The title is a nice quantum physics reference that has absolutely no relevant bearing on the music, but hey -- it may have no bearing on reality, either. That's the nature of quantum physics. It's bullshit you can believe in! The track is mostly guitar and piano, none of which is real. (Maybe that's the link to quantum physics, right there.) It has a few moments I'm pretty happy with, particularly the chord change at around 2:20, and the overall feel. Sometimes things just work. Sometimes they don't. I'm usually pretty happy any time I can come up with something that doesn't orbit ineffectually around Dsus2 and G minor. It's the little things.

Album art provided above and to the right a bit, should you wish to jam this into iTunes or something. It's better than a grey box with a symbol in it. Just. Besides, everything's better with an album cover.