The Gargantuan Gimmick of Glerty McGlee

The Gargantuan Gimmick Of Glerty McGlee the gargantuan gimmick of glerty mcglee was the most gregarious gimmick you’re likely to see it featured a graceful and garrolous trot akin to a gander atop something hot

for no one could garner the gardener’s gauge or to stand near the gambler’s gelatinous stage the fire in the gantry and gables and gear was to a lonely traveller’s gangrenous ear

like a gallow dry squeaking and gale blowing near to the hollows of gordon, who glerty would fear like a grinding and garbling grand fascination with loosing the geese from a lone trepidation

glowing like nonsense and frosting the glazing the fire grew ardent while quietly raising the brow of the guard stood outside of the cordon of forest defining the hollows of gordon

named for the grumpy and godfearing son of a man who fell grey from the din of the gun which was fired not in anger but only to mimic the incoming outcome of glerty’s own gimmick

a gimmick so bold and in golden raised lettering printed in blood and a generous smattering of apology rife with the grim innuendo inherent to something implying the end of

a story so guarded and gilded with tripe told by guards and by gamblers and into the night resolving to garner the ears of the masses to tattle to fellows and titter to lasses

to speak unto god and to blame him our future is to open a wound and to bury the suture the tale told before this and many times after is ought to provoke some to tears, to provoke some to laughter

take from this a lesson in garbled fine prose disguised as the thorns from a withering rose the gibberish mentioned to be interpreted free as was stated the will of young glerty mcglee