Lightning and Sunsets and Rainbows and Mammatus, Oh My

The storms that appeared in northern New South Wales around the 28-29th of January, 2009 were pretty spectacular. Among their features: lightning, awesome sunset formations, mammatus, a rainbow, crepuscular rays, opportunities for lengthy exposures, clear starry skies surrounding. Among the other photos below, I also took "From the Top" on the 29th, which was featured as a Daily Deviation on DeviantART on the 9th of April, 2009. From the Top

Lightning, time machines and photography

Here's a small gallery of lightning photos from the 24th of October, 2007, when a small storm skirted the outside of Lightning Ridge.

Spectacular lightning at Lightning Ridge

This was a nice little storm that passed over Lightinng Ridge in February, 2006. Among other less impressive photos, I managed to capture "Newtown Touchdown" and "Money Shot", the latter of which was printed on the front page of the Ridge News, and in an article in the Daily Telegraph. Newspaper articles can be found here! Newtown Touchdown

Money Shot

A few more photos from the same evening: