Original compositions: Potentia

I have a small collection of original music that I've been tending to for a few years, occasionally tweaking, and moving slowly closer to something that I'd be happy to admit to having composed. It's probably not quite there, yet. Still, that hasn't stopped me from making it public to the terrifying and opening critical world. Here's a selection of tracks, from the "not a concept album" that I've entitled Potentia. There are a few more tracks, which I'm happy to upload, I just haven't done so. If there's interest, I will. If there's not, well, that's less work I need to do.

The album(s) are mostly progressive rock, or inspired by progressive rock. I've experimented a lot with interesting chord structures and time signatures.

Potentia Art

Potentia Complete album tracklist -

(Tracks in bold are available on SoundCloud.)

1. Perdix (3.51)

2. Nullus, Moriar (2.42)

3. Pro Puella (2.16)

4. Cubito (2.18)

5. Rotarum Apostatare (3.54)

6. Flavis Subridere (1.45)

7. The Wrath of Uber-Bob (1.55)

8. Vieta Dudus (3.40)

9. Placere Reprehendo Presul (2.54)

10. Harenoso ac Discoveniente (5.27)

11. Non Credo (3.32)

12. Vestigia Organa (6.28)

13. Recede a Ibi (2.16)




Potentia II Complete album tracklist -

(Tracks in bold are available on SoundCloud.)

1. Prolegomena (2.16)

2. Heroicis (6.30)

3. Eximius (5.27)

4. Miris Fecit (2.10)

5. Progressio (2.30)

6. Araneae (3.25)

7. Lectio (3.39)

8. Civitatum (Cityscape II) (5.22)

9. Oblitus (The Forgotten) (2.30)

10. Caseum (3.34)

11. Machina Fabrica IV (3.42)

12. Flectere (3.32)

13. Sublimus (2.07)

14. Sancti Metalli (2.16)

15. Prodigiosum (2.30)

16. Apocalipsi Transitus V (6.28)

17. Diu Volutpat Vestibulum (Long Weekend) (3.10)

But wait, there's more! The "bonus features" for this album are also available (and, in my utterly biased opinion, are significantly better) on Soundcloud:

avatars-000021534882-k06bce-t500x500Potentia II: Extras tracklist:

(Tracks in bold are available on SoundCloud.)

Umbrabilis (4.16)

Disappearing Act (4.16)

A Step Backwards (3.20)

Dust Mote Fallen (3.48)

Thank you, as always, for listening.