Um, hi.

Hello, random internet passer-by. Welcome to colonpipe.com, the website with an alarmingly offensive sounding name derived from the punctuation marks (colon, ":" and pipe: "|") that constitute an emoticon. An emoticon that indicates the most powerful emotion of all: apathy.

Sometimes I do stuff. Sometimes I create music, sometimes I create art, sometimes I make films. Sometimes (for reasons best known to the cosmic background radiation of the universe) I get invited on to podcasts. Sometimes I do nothing at all, and often those are the best kinds of sometimes.

If you're looking for my half-assed attempts at building movie props, you'll find them under the builds link. Some of them are well written -- almost tutorials, if you will. Some of them are....not.

My latest project is IDU Curiosity  on YouTube, a series of videos about things. You should probably go check it out, and while you're there, you should probably subscribe to it. Heck, you can do that here, just as easily, there's a button thing over to the right.

Some of the latest things:

You'll find more things on the blog. That's where the things are. I keep my things in the blog.

And these are some of the things I've built:

Sometimes I build things. Sometimes I even remember to take photos of those things.

I also have an Instagram, on which I post crap like this:

You can search for things in this search box, here:

(It's like Google, except it only finds things in my craptacular website. Limitation is the soul of art, my friend.)