Innermost Resonance: Præteriit continues

Here's another track to go with the four in the previous post. This one is more of the usual material, some airy nonsense with fake piano and guitar sprinkled on it. A lengthy piano outtro is never a bad thing, though.

If you have an opinion about any of these musical bits and pieces, please post it below. I'd appreciate any feedback, if only so I can decide whether it's worth continuing to toss this stuff in the internet's general direction.

Some cover art to stick into your iTunes or your iPod or your Zune or whatever you listen to music with. Does anyone use a Zune anymore? Did Zunes even exist? Am I making this up?

Fine FAWM: Præteriit

I wanted to participate in FAWM this year, and I gave it a shot, but ultimately I just ended up with a heap of unfinished junk. So, as you do, I've polished the junk up, and now it's called Præteriit, and it's on Soundcloud polluting the ears of random internet passersby. You can listen to all four tracks below, if you feel so inclined.

What you get for your money, ultimately, is something pretty similar to everything I've done before, with loads of pads, too much piano, considerable overuse of the Dsus2 chord, and fairly repetitive chord structures.

There's nothing wrong with being your own worst critic. You should try it some time!

Here's some cover art, should you wish to stick it somewhere. (Your options are varied.)


Simulation III

SIMULATION III coverMore music for your long-suffering ears. Here's a three-part piece with a bunch of different things going on. Much of it is general progressive fare, part diverges into a bit of sea shanty, and there's some fairly melodic piano in places. It's long -- 15 minutes -- but it's made of three separate pieces that share a theme, so, y'know. You get that. Influences for this include Porcupine Tree and Sting, which are about as disparate as things can get, really.

Enjoy. Or don't. You choose. Feel free to comment either here or on its Soundcloud.


Nonlocality CoverSome more original music, such as it is. The title is a nice quantum physics reference that has absolutely no relevant bearing on the music, but hey -- it may have no bearing on reality, either. That's the nature of quantum physics. It's bullshit you can believe in! The track is mostly guitar and piano, none of which is real. (Maybe that's the link to quantum physics, right there.) It has a few moments I'm pretty happy with, particularly the chord change at around 2:20, and the overall feel. Sometimes things just work. Sometimes they don't. I'm usually pretty happy any time I can come up with something that doesn't orbit ineffectually around Dsus2 and G minor. It's the little things.

Album art provided above and to the right a bit, should you wish to jam this into iTunes or something. It's better than a grey box with a symbol in it. Just. Besides, everything's better with an album cover.

Just a quicky, but don't steal it --

Here's a little fact I wasn't aware of, brought to you by the always educational Doctor Karl: The music on that annoying "You wouldn't steal a car.." bumper on the beginning of almost every DVD in the early '00s is...wait for it...pirated music. Dr. Kruszelnicki has provided much more information than I ever could, so I point you to the above link and leave you in peace. Should you not remember the horrid advert, here's a youtube link to refresh your memory.

Original compositions: Potentia

I have a small collection of original music that I've been tending to for a few years, occasionally tweaking, and moving slowly closer to something that I'd be happy to admit to having composed. It's probably not quite there, yet. Still, that hasn't stopped me from making it public to the terrifying and opening critical world. Here's a selection of tracks, from the "not a concept album" that I've entitled Potentia. There are a few more tracks, which I'm happy to upload, I just haven't done so. If there's interest, I will. If there's not, well, that's less work I need to do.

The album(s) are mostly progressive rock, or inspired by progressive rock. I've experimented a lot with interesting chord structures and time signatures.

Potentia Art

Potentia Complete album tracklist -

(Tracks in bold are available on SoundCloud.)

1. Perdix (3.51)

2. Nullus, Moriar (2.42)

3. Pro Puella (2.16)

4. Cubito (2.18)

5. Rotarum Apostatare (3.54)

6. Flavis Subridere (1.45)

7. The Wrath of Uber-Bob (1.55)

8. Vieta Dudus (3.40)

9. Placere Reprehendo Presul (2.54)

10. Harenoso ac Discoveniente (5.27)

11. Non Credo (3.32)

12. Vestigia Organa (6.28)

13. Recede a Ibi (2.16)




Potentia II Complete album tracklist -

(Tracks in bold are available on SoundCloud.)

1. Prolegomena (2.16)

2. Heroicis (6.30)

3. Eximius (5.27)

4. Miris Fecit (2.10)

5. Progressio (2.30)

6. Araneae (3.25)

7. Lectio (3.39)

8. Civitatum (Cityscape II) (5.22)

9. Oblitus (The Forgotten) (2.30)

10. Caseum (3.34)

11. Machina Fabrica IV (3.42)

12. Flectere (3.32)

13. Sublimus (2.07)

14. Sancti Metalli (2.16)

15. Prodigiosum (2.30)

16. Apocalipsi Transitus V (6.28)

17. Diu Volutpat Vestibulum (Long Weekend) (3.10)

But wait, there's more! The "bonus features" for this album are also available (and, in my utterly biased opinion, are significantly better) on Soundcloud:

avatars-000021534882-k06bce-t500x500Potentia II: Extras tracklist:

(Tracks in bold are available on SoundCloud.)

Umbrabilis (4.16)

Disappearing Act (4.16)

A Step Backwards (3.20)

Dust Mote Fallen (3.48)

Thank you, as always, for listening.