Free grunge textures ahoy

I have a bit of a problem when it comes to taking photographs of interesting textures. That problem is that I do it a lot. And I accumulate heaps of them.

The plan is that one day they’ll come in super handy for a graphic design, photoshop or 3D imaging project. Sometimes, this actually happens. More often than not, I don’t end up using the images for anything.

So, I’ve made an Instagram account to shove all of these images into, so the internet can have at them and use them for whatever they please.


The account is texcollex, and the images are totes free. Go nuts. If you really want to, let me know what you use them for. Or not. I don’t mind.

Fine FAWM: Præteriit

Here's some cover art, should you wish to stick it somewhere. (Your options are varied.)
Here's some cover art, should you wish to stick it somewhere. (Your options are varied.)

I wanted to participate in FAWM this year, and I gave it a shot, but ultimately I just ended up with a heap of unfinished junk. So, as you do, I've polished the junk up, and now it's called Praeteriit, and it's on Soundcloud polluting the ears of random internet passersby. You can listen to all four tracks below, if you feel so inclined.

What you get for your money, ultimately, is something pretty similar to everything I've done before, with loads of pads, too much piano, considerable overuse of the Dsus2 chord, and fairly repetitive chord structures.

There's nothing wrong with being your own worst critic. You should try it some time!

It adds up: Girl takes calculator to prom

I don't usually share and link stuff, but hey. Here's a little article about a girl and her calculator. Her calculator isn't haunted, but I won't hold that against her. She took her Texas Instruments model 84 calculator to prom. As her date. Yeah. Turns out she even made it a little tuxedo, and everything. Repeat after me: "Aww."

Love that vignette!

Sourced from Geekologie, Unrealitymag and a bunch of other sites. Here's the original tumblrism, from ishipitlikeups (and her calculator).

Back in the '90s: Kaleidoscope Schemes

This article is hideously backdated to reflect the time that it's content, the gallery below, was created. Sorry for the confusion. If you're curious, I'm writing this on June 9, 2013. This is about the oldest part of me that lives on the internet. Back in the late '90s, there was an interface enhancement for Macintosh computers called Kaleidoscope. It was essentially a version of the "themes" concept that Apple kind of introduced into their operating systems, but really didn't. You could download any number of new interface themes (or "schemes", as the creators called them) for your operating system. Some of them were pretty cool. I made a few of them. In hindsight, they don't seem to have strayed too far from the general appearance of the Mac OS (version 9, at the time). They looked like this:

All of these are still, inexplicably, available at the Kaleidoscope Scheme Archive. You can access my stuff directly here, though. If you're really excited by the potential of this awesome piece of 1990's tech, be sure to check out the "scheme spotlight" area, wherein the best of the best are framed and hung on the metaphorical wall.